Webinar: Tracking Sweden’s consumption-based environmental impacts

A society in which the major environmental problems in Sweden have been solved … without increasing environmental and health problems outside Sweden’s borders.

This is what Sweden has committed to deliver to the next generation. But how do know if we are on track?

In the quest to deliver the promises under the Generation Goal and Agenda 2030, the Swedish EPA commissioned a team of researchers to create a model that could capture both the territorial and global impacts of Sweden’s consumption.

By combining national data on Swedish consumption with international data on financial flows between countries the PRINCE* model aims to provide policymakers with sound data to enable decision-making for sustainable production and consumption.

This webinar on 30 November 2021 brought together researchers and policy-makers to provide a meaningful discussion on the gaps and possibilities between the current tools and policy landscape in achieving SDG12.

A closed workshop (in Swedish) was held after the webinar for stakeholders working on sustainable consumption, biodiversity, the SDGs, the 2030 Agenda. The participants had the opportunity to ask clarifying questions about the model and understand how the research can be used in policy and sector objectives.

*PRINCE stands for Policy-Relevant Indicators for National Consumption and Environment.