PRINCE scientific articles


As well as revealing impacts of Swedish consumption, PRINCE also made some crucial methodological advances in consumption-based environmental accounting. These have been published in a number of peer-reviewed academic articles. Several more are in review.

Most of the PRINCE articles are gathered in a dedicated special section of the Journal of Cleaner Production, edited by Viveka Palm, Arnold Tukker and Richard Wood.

Visit the PRINCE special section or read more about all the scientific articles produced during and based on PRINCE research:

Environmental pressures from Swedish consumption: A hybrid multi-regional input-output approach
Palm, Viveka; Wood, Richard; Berglund, Mårten; Dawkins, Elena; Finnveden, Göran; Schmidt, Sarah; and Steinbach, Nancy
Journal of Cleaner Production

Environmental pressures from Swedish consumption: The largest contributing producer countries, products; and services
Fauré, Eleonore; Dawkins, Elena; Wood, Richard; Finnveden, Göran; Palm, Viveka; Persson, Linn; and Schmidt, Sarah
Journal of Cleaner Production

Beyond the borders: Burdens of Swedish food consumption due to agrochemicals, greenhouse gases; and land-use change
Cederberg, Christel; Persson, U. Martin, Schmidt, Sarah; Hedenus, Fredrik; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

Capturing the heterogeneity of sub-national production in global trade flows
Croft, Simon A.; West, Christopher D.; and Green, Jonathan M. H.
Journal of Cleaner Production

The Swedish footprint: A multi-model comparison
Dawkins, Elena; Moran, Daniel; Palm, Viveka; Wood, Richard; and Björk, Ida
Journal of Cleaner Production

A multi-impact analysis of changing ICT consumption patterns for Sweden; and the EU: Indirect rebound effects; and evidence of decoupling
Joyce, P. James; Finnveden, Göran; Håkansson, Cecilia; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

A note on the magnitude of the feedback effect in environmentally extended multi-region input-output tables
Moran, Daniel; Wood, Richard; and Rodrigues, João F. D.
Journal of Industrial Ecology

Updated indicators of Swedish national human toxicity; and ecotoxicity footprints using USEtox 2.01
Nordborg, Maria; Arvidsson, Rickard; Finnveden, Göran; Cederberg, Christel; Sorme, Louise; Palm, Viveka; Stamyr, Kristin; and Molander, Sverker
Environmental Impact Assessment Review

Indicators for national consumption-based accounting of chemicals
Persson, Linn; Arvidsson, Richard; Berglund, Mårten; Cederberg, Christel; Finnveden, Göran; Palm, Viveka; Sörme, Louise; Schmidt, Sarah; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

A spatially explicit data-driven approach to calculating commodity-specific shipping emissions per vessel
Schim van der Loeff, Wendela; Godar, Javier; and Prakash, Vishnu
Journal of Cleaner Production

Understanding GHG emissions from Swedish consumption – Current challenges in reaching the generational goal
Schmidt, Sarah; Södersten, Carl-Johan; Wiebe, Kirsten; Simas, Moana; Palm, Viveka; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

Using E-PRTR data on point source emissions to air; and water: first steps towards a national chemical footprint
Sörme, Louise; Palm, Viveka; and Finnveden, Göran
Environmental Impact Assessment Review

Improving consumption based accounting for global capture fisheries
West, Christopher D.; Hobbs, Emilie; Croft, Simon A.; Green, Jonathan M. H.; Schmidt, Sarah Y.; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

Modeling reductions in the environmental footprints embodied in European Union’s imports through source shifting
de Boer, Bertram. F.; Rodrigues, J. F. D.; and Tukker, A.
Ecological Economics

Deforestation displaced: Trade in forest-risk commodities and the prospects for a global forest transition

Pendrill, F., Persson, M., Godar, J. and Kastner, T.
Environmental Research Letters

Agricultural and forestry trade drives large share of tropical deforestation emissions
Pendrill, F., Persson, U. M., Godar, J., Kastner, T., Moran, D., Schmidt, S. and Wood, R.
Global Environmental Change