Understanding PRINCE results: product groups

To construct consumption-based macro-indicators, PRINCE reallocates emissions and other environmental pressures along the global value chain to 59 product groups or sectors. They reflect the Eurostat NACE Rev. 2 classification given to the business providing a service directly to the final consumer; or, in the case of goods, the last business in the supply chain before the goods reach the final consumer.

So, for example, CO2 emissions allocated to the Retail and wholesale service product group might include emissions associated with energy generation to heat and light shop premises, manufacture of shop displays, printing of information materials and many more. CO2 emissions allocated to Electronic products might include those associated with delivery of the products to a shop, packaging, manufacture and assembly of the various parts in different factories and potentially countries, and extraction of the raw materials.

The table below shows the English and Swedish names of the product groups used in PRINCE results, the NACE classifications they represent, and some explanations about what they include. As the PRINCE model combines data from EXIOBASE3 and Swedish national accounts, it was necessary to harmonize the lists of product groups used in the two data sets, resulting in the final list of 59.

One PRINCE product group does not appear in the NACE classifications: household direct >(emissions). This product group captures emissions or resource use directly by private citizens. For air emissions indicators, it mainly captures emissions resulting from households burning fuels directly, particularly in private vehicles or household heating systems using oil or biofuels.

It is important to note that emissions related to the same substances or processes could be spread across different product groups. For example, fossil fuel-related emissions appear in several product groups. Those associated with extracting and refining the fuels would appear mainly in the product group Refined petroleum products. Emissions from vehicles or heating systems used to provide a service would appear in that service’s product group (for example Warehousing and delivery services, Rail and road transport, Hospitality and food services). Emissions associated with district heating or generation of electricity for Swedish household or government consumption would appear in the Electricity, gas and heat product group. Emissions from vehicle use, heat or power generation in agricultural or industrial production would be allocated to the product groups for the relevant final products consumed.

Similarly, a small share of emissions related to production of cement and glass would be allocated to Non-metallic mineral products, representing cement or glass bought directly by the consumer. Much larger shares would be allocated to the Construction and civil engineering product group.


Rev. 2 code(s)
PRINCE short names PRINCE Swedish names Explanation
A01 Agricultural products Jordbruk Includes products of agriculture and hunting (including some food products)
A02 Forestry products Skogsbruk Includes products of forestry, logging and related services
A03 Fish products Fiske och vattenbruk Fish and other fishing products; aquaculture products; support services to fishing
B Mining and extraction products Utvinning av mineraler Includes products of mining, quarrying and other types of extraction of minerals, including ores, coal, oil and gas; and supporting activities
C10–12 Food, beverages and tobacco Livsmedel, dryck, tobak Includes food products, beverages and tobacco products
C13–15 Textiles Textil kläder läder Textiles, wearing apparel and leather products
C16 Wood products Trävaror Wood and products of wood and cork, except furniture; articles of straw and plaiting materials
C17 Paper Pappers och pappersvarutillverkning Paper and paper products
C18 Printing Grafisk produktion Printing and recording services
C19 Refined petroleum products Stenkol och petroleumprodukter Includes refined petroleum-based oils and coke (NB emissions from burning fossil fuels are allocated to “Household direct” and other product groups, depending on their use)
C20–21 Chemical and pharmaceutical products Kemiska produkter; Läkemedel Chemicals and pharmaceutical products (includes fertilizers, paints, cleaning and beauty products etc.)
C22 Rubber and plastic products Gummi- o plastvaror Rubber and plastic products
C23 Non-metallic mineral products Glas porslin cement Includes glass, cement, ceramics products, bricks, cut stone, flagstones etc.
C24 Steel and metal products Stål och metallframställning Includes cast metals, wire, fittings, tubes, pipes
C25 Fabricated metal products Tillv av metallvaror, försvarsindustri Includes structural products, tanks and boilers, cutlery, tools, weapons
C26 Electronic products Datorer; Instrument Includes computers; telephones, cameras and other consumer electronics; instruments; electronic and optical media
C27 Electrical equipment Elapparatur Includes electric motors, cables and wiring; domestic appliances; batteries and lighting equipment
C28 Other machinery and equipment Tillv av övriga maskiner Includes office machinery and equipment, ovens and furnaces, construction and mining vehicles and equipment, power tools, other machinery and equipment
C29 Motor vehicles Motorfordon Includes motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers; electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles
C30 Other transport equipment Tillv av andra transportmedel Includes boats, aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles, military fighting vehicles, trains
C31­–32 Furniture and other manufactured goods Tillv möbler etc Includes furniture, toys, sports goods, jewellery, musical instruments, medical and dental equipment
C33 Machinery repair and installation services Ö tillv ej medicinsk; Medicinsk utrustn; Reparation av maskin Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
D35 Electricity, gas and heat el, gas och värme Includes production and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning
E36 Water supply Vattenförsörjning Water collection, treatment and supply services
E37–39 Sewerage and waste management Avloppsrening, avfall, återvinning Sewerage; waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery; remediation activities and other waste management services
F Construction and civil engineering Bygg och anläggning Includes construction of residential and non-residential buildings; infrastructure and utility projects
G45–47 Wholesale and retail Handel Wholesale and retail trade, and vehicle repair services (NB does not include emissions linked to the products sold or repaired)
H49 Rail and road transport Landtransporter; godstrafik, tåg, taxi Includes passenger and freight transport services by rail and road; transport via pipelines; taxi services
H50 Water transport Sjötransport Includes sea, coastal and inland water transport services
H51 Air transport Lufttransport Includes passenger and freight air transport services; space transport
H52–53 Warehousing and delivery services Spedition; Post och bud, lagerhållning Includes warehousing, storage and cargo handling services; support services for transportation; postal and courier services
I Hospitality and food services Hotell; Restaurang Hospitality, tourism, short-term lodging, food and drink services
J58 Publishing Förlagsverksamhet Publishing services
J59_60 Media Media Includes motion picture, video and television programme production services, sound recording and music publishing; programming and broadcasting services
J61 Telecommunications Telekommunikation Telecommunications services
J62_63 IT services IT-tjänster Computer programming, consultancy and related services; information services
K64 Financial services Banker, fonder mm Includes banking and other financial services, except insurance and pension funds
K65 Insurance and pension services Försäkring o pension Includes insurance, reinsurance and pension funding services, except compulsory social security
K66 Services auxiliary to finance Stödtjänster till finans Includes services auxiliary to financial services and insurance services
L68 Real estate Fastighetsverksamhet Includes buying and selling, renting and operating of own or leased properties; real estate agency and management services
M69–70 Legal, accounting and management services
Juridisk ekonomi tjänster; HK, PR o rådgivning
Includes legal and accounting services; services of head offices; management consultancy services
M71–72 Architecture, engineering, research Arkitekt tekniska tjänster; FOU Includes architectural and engineering services, industrial design, geophysical surveying, natural and social science research
M73 Marketing Reklam, marknadsföreing Includes advertising, marketing, public relations research services
M74–75 Other professional services Design, foto, tolk; Veterinär Includes design, photographic and other services; veterinary services
N77 Rental and leasing Uthyrning o leasing Rental and leasing services (excluding real estate)
N78 Employment services Bemanning mm Employment services
N79 Travel services Resetjänster Includes travel agencies, tour operators and other reservation services and related services
N80–82 Other business services Bevakning; Fastighetsservice; Kontorstjänster; Samhall Includes security and investigation services; services to buildings and landscape; office administration, office support and other business support services
O84 Public services and defence Offentlig förvaltning Includes public administration and defence services; social security services
P85 Education services Utbildning Includes schools, sports and cultural education services
Q86 Health care Hälso- och sjukvård Includes hospitals and clinics, dental services
Q87–88 Social work and social care Vård, omsorg m boende; Öppna sociala insats Includes residential and non-residential care and social assistance services
R90–92 Cultural and entertainment services Kultur, bibliotek mm Includes creative, arts and entertainment services; libraries, archives, museums; gambling and betting services
R93 Sport and recreation services Sport, fritid, nöje Sporting services and amusement and recreation services
S94 Membership organizations Medlemsorganisationer Includes services furnished by membership organizations, including religious and political organizations, trade unions
S95 Consumer repair services Rep av konsumentprodukter Repair services for computers and personal and household goods
S96 Other personal services Ö konsumenttjänster Includes miscellaneous services such as laundry, hairdressing and beauty services, health and well-being services, funeral services
T–U Other services Förvärvsarbete i hushåll, ambassader Includes households as employers; activities of extraterritorial organizations and embassies
Additional category
(not in NACE system)
Household direct (emissions)  Direkt miljöpåverkan från hushåll Includes emissions directly generated by households, or resource use directly by households; e.g. emissions from use of fuels for private cars or domestic heating, or use of treated water