PRINCE at the 24th International Input-Output Conference

The annual conference of the International Input-Output Association is a chance for economists, government officials, engineers and managers with an interest in input-output analysis to share the latest developments in the field.

The 24th International Input-Output Conference took place in Seoul, South Korea in July 2016. PRINCE team members Richard Wood of NTNU and Bertram de Boer of CML presented different aspects of ongoing PRINCE modeling work.

Wood presented the developing methodology, central to PRINCE, of linking data from the multiregional input-ouput model EXIOBASE 3 to the Swedish national environmental accounts. Read an abstract or the full conference paper (co-authored with Viveka Palm). See also the PRINCE brief “Environmental Footprinting With Multiregional Input-output Models“.

De Boer presented on work to identify hotspots of Swedish consumption. The presentation was co-authored with Arnold Tukker and Joao Rodrigues.