Subproject 7

Analysing and disseminating the results

Subproject 7 complements Subproject 6, verifying and analysing the results from operationalizing the PRINCE framework, identifying problems and suggesting refinements. It will also identify those product groups and consumers (household or government) that are associated with the greatest environmental pressures.

Combined with geographical hotspot analysis in Subproject 2, it will also indicate where in the world the potential environmental impacts may occur.

Finally, Subproject 7 will produce case studies to investigate results of particular interest or where the data are complex or have significant gaps. The ultimate deliverables will be consumption-based impacts (footprints) of product groups and consumption categories, along with case study reports and data.

Find out about how the PRINCE model groups producer countries and regions.

The Subproject 7 team is led by Elena Dawkins, SEI.