Subproject 6

Operationalizing the framework

Subproject 6 will run the model recommended in Subproject 2 with the available statistics for Sweden, adding the environmental extensions developed in Subprojects 3 to 5. The most useful indicators from a policy perspective will be identified in collaboration with the main project stakeholders. The ultimate deliverable of the work package will be the model, along with guidance on how to use and update it.

Key activities

  • Implement and refine the consumption-based modeling framework recommended in Subproject 2
  • Link environmental extension databases delivered in subprojects 3 to 5
  • Generate indicators for each environmental pressure, using input-output calculations to reallocate environmental pressures from producers to final consumers
  • Compile data and model in a format that can be used and updated continuously for long-term monitoring of the impacts of Swedish consumption

The Subproject 6 team is led by Viveka Palm, Statistics Sweden.