Subproject 2

Recommending an accounting model for PRINCE

Building on the review in Subproject 1, Subproject 2 compares available consumption-based models and accounting systems in order to identify the most appropriate basis of the PRINCE monitoring framework.

The team

The Subproject 2 team is led by Richard Wood of NTNU.

Key activities

  • Compare Swedish carbon and other available footprints in Statistics Sweden’s own consumption-based accounts with results from various global MRIOs (EXIOBASE, GTAP, Eora, and WIOD).

  • Determine confidence intervals for tested model results, using Monte Carlo analysis

  • Evaluate how different accounting conventions affect results

  • Recommend a model and methods for the PRINCE framework.

Results from Subproject 2 were presented at a workshop in January 2016.
Moran, D., Wood, R. and Rodrigues, J. F. D. (2017). A note on the magnitude of the feedback effect in environmentally extended multi-region input-output tables. Journal of Industrial Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/jiec.12658

Wood, R. and Moran, D. (Forthcoming). Recommended approaches for modelling energy and emissions embodied in trade.
Recommended reading
Lenzen, M. and Murray, J. 2010. “Conceptualising environmental responsibilityEcological Economics 70 (2): 261–70.