Statistics Sweden




Statistics Sweden, the Swedish central statistical bureau, supplies statistics to support decision making, debate and research. It is mainly assigned these tasks by the Swedish Government and different agencies, but Statistics Sweden also works with private sector entities and researchers.

Statistics Sweden is tasked with supporting and coordinating the Swedish system for official statistics. It also take part in international statistical cooperation.

Statistics Sweden has produced statistics within the national system of environmental and economic accounts in Sweden since 1993, covering:

  • various types of emission to air within Sweden, by industry
  • energy use in Sweden, by industry and by fuel
  • environmental taxes in Sweden, by industry
  • environmentally motivated subsidies and environmental goods and services in Sweden
  • chemical indicators and material flow analysis indicators.


Viveka Palm leads the PRINCE project. She is the Deputy Head of the Department for Regions and Environment at Statistics Sweden. Since 2012, Viveka has worked part of her time as an Adjunct Professor of Applied Environmental Economics and Environmental Statistics at the KTH Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED).

Ida Björk is an economist in the unit for Environmental Accounts and Natural Resources at Statistics Sweden. She previously worked at the National Accounts department as a coordinator and project leader of annual GDP estimates. Ida has long experience working with and compiling the national input-output tables for Sweden. She worked on PRINCE until early 2017.

Nancy Steinbach is a team leader at Statistics Sweden focusing on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts (SEEA). She has about 16 years’ experience in the field, including work within the European Commission (Eurostat) and at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as well as in developing countries around the world. Nancy is involved PRINCE especially in Subproject 6.

Louise Sörme PhD is currently working as a senior adviser at Statistics Sweden. Her focus is on hazardous substances and waste. Louise has particular knowledge and experience in compiling data about diffuse emissions of chemicals and hazardous substances, along with international reporting of hazardous substances through the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR), and national and international reporting of waste. Louise is involved in Subproject 4 of PRINCE.