PRINCE scientific articles

June 6, 2019

As well as revealing impacts of Swedish consumption, PRINCE also made some crucial methodological advances in consumption-based environmental accounting. These have been published in a number of peer-reviewed academic articles. Several more are in review.

Most of the PRINCE articles are gathered in a dedicated special section of the Journal of Cleaner Production, edited by Viveka Palm, Arnold Tukker and Richard Wood.

Visit the PRINCE special section or read more about the PRINCE articles:

Environmental pressures from Swedish consumption: A hybrid multi-regional input-output approach
Palm, Viveka; Wood, Richard; Berglund, Mårten; Dawkins, Elena; Finnveden, Göran; Schmidt, Sarah; and Steinbach, Nancy
Journal of Cleaner Production

Environmental pressures from Swedish consumption: The largest contributing producer countries, products; and services
Fauré, Eleonore; Dawkins, Elena; Wood, Richard; Finnveden, Göran; Palm, Viveka; Persson, Linn; and Schmidt, Sarah
Journal of Cleaner Production

Beyond the borders: Burdens of Swedish food consumption due to agrochemicals, greenhouse gases; and land-use change
Cederberg, Christel; Persson, U. Martin, Schmidt, Sarah; Hedenus, Fredrik; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

Capturing the heterogeneity of sub-national production in global trade flows
Croft, Simon A.; West, Christopher D.; and Green, Jonathan M. H.
Journal of Cleaner Production

The Swedish footprint: A multi-model comparison
Dawkins, Elena; Moran, Daniel; Palm, Viveka; Wood, Richard; and Björk, Ida
Journal of Cleaner Production

A multi-impact analysis of changing ICT consumption patterns for Sweden; and the EU: Indirect rebound effects; and evidence of decoupling
Joyce, P. James; Finnveden, Göran; Håkansson, Cecilia; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

A note on the magnitude of the feedback effect in environmentally extended multi-region input-output tables
Moran, Daniel; Wood, Richard; and Rodrigues, João F. D.
Journal of Industrial Ecology

Updated indicators of Swedish national human toxicity; and ecotoxicity footprints using USEtox 2.01
Nordborg, Maria; Arvidsson, Rickard; Finnveden, Göran; Cederberg, Christel; Sorme, Louise; Palm, Viveka; Stamyr, Kristin; and Molander, Sverker
Environmental Impact Assessment Review

Indicators for national consumption-based accounting of chemicals
Persson, Linn; Arvidsson, Richard; Berglund, Mårten; Cederberg, Christel; Finnveden, Göran; Palm, Viveka; Sörme, Louise; Schmidt, Sarah; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

A spatially explicit data-driven approach to calculating commodity-specific shipping emissions per vessel
Schim van der Loeff, Wendela; Godar, Javier; and Prakash, Vishnu
Journal of Cleaner Production

Understanding GHG emissions from Swedish consumption – Current challenges in reaching the generational goal
Schmidt, Sarah; Södersten, Carl-Johan; Wiebe, Kirsten; Simas, Moana; Palm, Viveka; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

Using E-PRTR data on point source emissions to air; and water: first steps towards a national chemical footprint
Sörme, Louise; Palm, Viveka; and Finnveden, Göran
Environmental Impact Assessment Review

Improving consumption based accounting for global capture fisheries
West, Christopher D.; Hobbs, Emilie; Croft, Simon A.; Green, Jonathan M. H.; Schmidt, Sarah Y.; and Wood, Richard
Journal of Cleaner Production

Modeling reductions in the environmental footprints embodied in European Union’s imports through source shifting
de Boer, Bertram. F.; Rodrigues, J. F. D.; and Tukker, A.
Ecological Economics

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