Norwegian University of Science and Technology




The Industrial Ecology (IndEcol) Programme in the Department of Energy and Process Technology at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway has deep expertise in life cycle assessment (LCA), material flow analysis, and calculation of environmental footprints. IndEcol has been involved in the creation of three of the current major multiregional input-output global trade databases: Eora, EXIOBASE, and the GTAP-based OPEN:EU. These databases are routinely used to calculate high-resolution environmental footprints for countries, companies, and products. NTNU’s experience with these systems will be directly useful for the PRINCE project and the development of a hybrid system that marries official statistics from Statistics Sweden with larger-scale maps of the global economy.


Dr Richard Wood is a Senior Researcher at IndEcol. His focus has been on modeling global systems of consumption and production, with a focus on environmental and socio-economic outcomes. Richard has experience in input-output analysis and associated techniques, and has played a role in the development of the EXIOBASE suite of multiregional input-output models. His research focuses on the environmental and socio-economic aspects of development, with particular consideration of the role of consumption and trade.

Dr Daniel Moran is a researcher at IndEcol. He was involved in the creation of the Eora MRIO developed at the University of Sydney, and was involved in high-performance computing implementations for optimization and large-scale data processing used for MRIO construction. He holds a PhD from the School of Physics at the University of Sydney.

Sarah Schmidt is a PhD candidate with IndEcol.