Leiden University Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)




Leiden University Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) is an institute of the Faculty of Science of Leiden University. CML’s research and teaching programmes focus on environmental sustainability. The institute’s mission is to provide strategic multidisciplinary research and teaching in relation to the sustainable management of natural resources, environmental quality and biodiversity.

CML’s contribution to PRINCE is through its Industrial Ecology department, CML-IE. Research in the department covers environmental systems analysis, and incorporates the social and economic aspects required for sustainability analysis.
The focus of analyses are often models based on one or a few central mechanisms, as related to substance flows (MFA, material flow accounting), product flows (LCA, life cycle assessment), and monetary flows (IOA, input-output analysis).


Arnold Tukker is a Professor of Industrial Ecology and has been Director of CML since 2013. Arnold set up prominent EU projects in the field of sustainable product design (SusProNet) and sustainable consumption and production (SCORE!) and was core member of the Dutch Knowledge Network on Sustainable System Innovations. He co-ordinates a string of major programmes in the field of resource-efficiency, including constructing the world’s most ambitious and detailed global energy/resource/economic input-output databases and models (EXIOBASE). He has been engaged with work of the UN on the Green Economy Initiative, the Resources Panel, the Ten Year Framework of Programs on Sustainable Consumption and Production, and Sustainable Development Goals. Arnold is also a Senior Researcher at TNO.

Bertram de Boer is a PhD candidate in the Industrial Ecology department at CML.